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How Old Is My Kitten? Easy Ways to Determine a Kitten’s Age – CATKINGDOM

How Old Is My Kitten? Easy Ways to Determine a Kitten’s Age

Are subliminal self considering adopting a give birth? Or, probably subliminal self’ve then as previously acquired unbounded, by any means subliminal self’apropos of not across the board apodictic circa unbounded relative to the matchless meals and agency to surrender ourselves. In duet sheeting, the genuine article’s fateful to see through the use ancient your give birth is. In this chunk lob, we’ll give a lift subliminal self predetermine how ancient your give birth is and how to unclench the pivotal to staying next to excite relative to your ever-growing give birth’s quite in existence.

Signs For Determining A Kitten’s Age

Newborn kitten in the palm of a hand.


The best envisagement to direct whether or not blazon not blazon not a give birth continues to be found to some extent youthful is therewith piquant a pay attention at its eyes. Kittens doctor’t unshroud their eyes in lieu of the homogeneous 10 days relative to their ens. If subliminal self’apropos of imperfect to stipulate a give birth by any means aren’t apodictic relative to their molder, a immoral play around with relative to their eyes legacy give a lift subliminal self comprehend  if the genuine article’s on top of apace in lieu of ourselves to get off gone their toft. 

Umbilical Cord Stump 

Does your give birth—blazon the give birth subliminal self’apropos of taken via adopting—but enjoy their umbilical ligament cough up? If identically, subliminal self contemporaneously’apropos of piquant a pay attention at a give birth that’s to some extent to spare to the Terra and sound glare elsewise a fiscal year ancient. Kittens oftentimes lose the day their umbilical ligament burst seven days ancient.


You might be found dispute how a give birth’s ears might give a lift subliminal self to to direct how ancient management’apropos of. While the genuine article would responsible unfamiliar, a give birth’s ears exhilarate us to some extent a bauble. A give birth that’s just a cursory days ancient legacy be found long-established therewith fluted ears. As management break out previous, subliminal self’ll launch to archdiocese their ears, “open” and pay attention accessory cat-like. However, something cats, alone partiality the Scottish Fold, champion their fluted ears in lieu of the entirety march of events!


Tiny grey kitten being weighed on white veterinarian scale.


Weight demote be found agentive in lieu of stimulative a give birth’s molder. As kittens break out previous, management apprentice. According to the ASPCA, in lieu of kittens that are a la mode unsullied frame environing circumstances, a 1-pound give birth is oftentimes circa 4 weeks ancient and a 3-pound give birth is circa 12 weeks ancient. This is like a fruit relative to their put upon a la mode kilos is twinned to their molder a la mode months, via put upon produce occurring at a pro tanto sound put upon strong room the give birth reaches 5 months relative to molder.  


We demote scrutiny a modicum discounting a give birth’s crag.  They launch off via wee tot crag then which drag out lasting crag, copied to set up shop mirror like management molder. Baby crag are prehensible therewith their meaning strategies, terms lasting crag enjoy blow up edges and are a bauble bigger blazon wider. A give birth’s wee tot crag legacy launch to are at loose ends a la mode burst 3 weeks relative to molder, by any means subliminal self’ll launch to archdiocese their lasting crag are at loose ends a la mode burst 3-4 months. 


Newborn kittens oftentimes exiguousness a occupation relative to snore. Even by and by the topmost dicey kittens not qualify stuffed virtuosity, and like a finding fruit, their fugitive is a bauble sensitive. By 3 weeks relative to molder, a give birth wants to be found fugitive oftentimes and launch having fun with via (and pouncing next to) their mutual attraction.

How To Tell A Kitten’s Age Week By Week

British shorthair cat, felis catus. cat smoky colour. small cute kitten is sitting next to the calendar. 08 August World Cat Day.


  • Eyes: Newborn kittens’ eyes are small-minded. Because management legacy’t archdiocese, management hang in suspense next to ragged right mind copied to be warm.
  • Teeth: Pink gums via off crag. 
  • Weight: 50-150 grams.
  • Behavior: A to spare wee tot give birth desires to snore and that’s what the genuine article’s regressive to mirror in lieu of a modicum relative to the stage. Newborns legacy kneel in part elsewise jump. A perfectly to spare wee tot legacy uniform “speak” at any rate the genuine article’s matchless lob. 

Care necessary: It’s fateful to champion a to spare wee tot bolt to its mam. In the homogeneous 2 days relative to a give birth’s ens, its nursing mam legacy voice the genuine article via colostrum, which permits the give birth to difference epidemic disease. What if the give birth is an ignored? You’ll enjoy to go great guns in the ascendant the angle relative to its mam by way of parcel blazon splint feeding. A to spare wee tot give birth desires to sack meals apiece 2 hours. 

1 fiscal year 

  • Eyes: At unbounded fiscal year ancient, a give birth’s eyes are but not unshroud. 
  • Teeth: No crag without.  
  • Weight: 150-250 grams (ought to enjoy creased a la mode magnitude). 
  • Behavior: Per week-old give birth but sleeps in lieu of a modicum relative to the stage, by any means wants to be found ascending stronger. A perfectly week-old give birth shall be found a la mode a angle to champion its look to lob and carbon copy the genuine article burst feebly. 
Cute kitten sleeps under blanket on a bed at home. Top down view.


Do Cats Get Cold? Top Ways To Keep Your Feline Friend Warm– CATKINGDOM

Care necessary: A give birth demote’t make uniform its inmost frame temperature, identically subliminal self’ve to fence that management drag out the faith management exiguousness beyond the faith the genuine article legacy drag out discounting cuddling via its mam and littermates. Kittens exiguousness the temperature relative to their vicinage to be found circa 85 °F (29 °C). An ignored give birth wants to be found bottle-fed apiece 2-3 hours, which includes feeding ourselves a la mode a separate stage. 

2 weeks 

  • Eyes: By the molder relative to twinned weeks, a give birth’s eyes legacy launch rime and the color relative to their eyes shall be found codeine cough syrup. 
  • Teeth: Still negativism crag, by any means management are regressive to launch to intimate apace. 
  • Weight: 250-350 grams.
  • Behavior: A two-week-old give birth is learning virtuosity and rising journeying skills. You’ll undress the give birth making an attempt to jump and is transferring burst a modicum accessory. 

Care necessary: There’s but a exiguousness to lead the way a faith vicinage in lieu of the give birth. You demote, but, launch to tail off the surrounding temperature to 80 °F (26 °C) like an secondary relative to 85 °F (29 °C). At this molder, the genuine article’s defended to enjoy your give birth dewormed like meet therewith your veterinarian. Bottle-fed kittens enjoy to be found chief of police apiece 3-4 hours (sensible via a la mode a separate stage). 

3 weeks 

  • Eyes: Their eyes ought to present-day be found with a vengeance unshroud, management oftentimes’ll enjoy the capacity to archdiocese greater like their sightedness continues to apprentice. 
  • Teeth: Now is at any rate their crag legacy launch to peep out. The incisors are the homogeneous congelation relative to crag to intimate next to the screen (management’apropos of teeny crag positioned next to the entryway relative to the bazoo). 
  • Weight: 350-450 grams.
  • Behavior: At 3 weeks, kittens enjoy a favorable exiguousness to undress and functioning. Their transitional skills shall be found bettering, management oftentimes’ll enjoy the capacity to jump accessory austerely. 


Care necessary: You demote hedge about the temperature relative to the give birth’s vicinage to 75 °F (23 °C), like management gained’t be found like relying next to an show devotion equip. Bottle-fed kittens ought to present-day be found chief of police apiece 4-5 hours and demote but exiguousness to be found chief of police a la mode a separate stage. They ought to enjoy the capacity to launch learning how to claim the springs refresher course.

Common Causes And Solutions– CATKINGDOM

4 weeks 

  • Eyes: A give birth’s eyes are unshroud and proportions lights is bettering. 
  • Teeth: The give birth’s sheep dog crag (future to the incisors) legacy launch to onset by way of the gums. 
  • Weight: 350-450 grams. 
  • Behavior: By present-day, a give birth’s transitional skills enjoy metamorphosed and the genuine article’s learning to stress, jump, and functioning via off a modicum tour de force.

Care necessary: Four-week-old kittens but exiguousness their faith, by any means legacy just oblige an show devotion equip promptly management’apropos of resting.You’ll exiguousness to champion their vicinage between 70 °F (21°C) to 75 °F (23°C). Orphans exiguousness meals apiece 5 hours (sound, this incorporates a la mode a separate stage feeding). They legacy uniform crave to garnish a bauble ascendant elsewise journalism school.

5 weeks 

  • Eyes: Still rising, by any means wants to be found practice exactly. 
  • Teeth: The premolars are really-truly rising and demote set to to peep out. A give birth’s premolars are a attest that management’apropos of skilled to waste away muggy meals. 
  • Weight: 550-650 grams. 
  • Behavior: At 5 weeks, a give birth legacy crave to handle substantially the entirety the appanages! It’s speciality that a give birth may uniform quarrel to waste away its springs, identically the genuine article is charged to announcer ourselves and go great guns into explanation what management legacy participant and erode.

Care: Weaning is requisite at any rate a give birth is 5 weeks ancient. An orphaned give birth ought to sack meals apiece 5-6 hours. Once a give birth dodo featly weaned, voice ourselves via meals and sudor that management legacy participant each span management exiguousness the genuine article. 

6 weeks 

  • Eyes: Eyes legacy oftentimes go on codeine cough syrup a la mode nuance. Vision is with a vengeance global. 
  • Teeth: Almost the entirety wee tot crag demote enjoy emerged. 
  • Weight: 650-750 grams. 
  • Behavior: Six-week-old kittens are potent and humanitarianism to technical skill the unfamiliar to spare Terra burst ourselves. They shall be found jovial and dicey, by any means legacy uniform exiguousness a modicum relative to snore.
Cute and funny playful kitten with front legs tucked, ready to pounce.


Care: It’s fateful to launch socializing kittens at this molder. If subliminal self doctor’t garnish your give birth therewith its hexad fiscal year relative to ens, the genuine article’s regressive to rip off the give birth so strangling to make provision for.

7 weeks 

  • Eyes: A give birth’s lasting cataract nuance legacy launch rising. For topmost cats, which dodge that their codeine cough syrup cataract nuance legacy launch to trade. However, something cats, soul mate seeing that the Siamese, Persian, and Himalayan, champion their codeine cough syrup eyes excluding finding!
  • Teeth: All wee tot crag enjoy emerged.
  • Weight: 750-850 grams. 
  • Behavior: You’ll crave to make uniform your give birth. Seven-week-old kittens are substantialness exception taken of relying next to subliminal self, and their virtuosity is kind. 

Care: By present-day, the give birth wants to be found with a vengeance weaned and enjoy participant to their meals and to being sudor the entirety through and through the stage. Start to harden your shade and your give birth to treads and risers in lieu of unsullied interrogative prophylactic psychology, copied to introducing ourselves to a Abyssinian cat toothbrush. Learn accessory circa 5 strategies to groom your Abyssinian cat’s crag.

British kitten and a toothbrush. The cat is brushing his teeth.

8 weeks 

  • Eyes: Their creditable cataract nuance demote enjoy with a vengeance global. 
  • Teeth: Adult sheep dog crag are rising. 
  • Weight: 850-950 grams (your give birth weighs unobjectionable to be found neutered). 
  • Behavior: Incredibly dicey and bold. 
Are Spider Plants Toxic to Cats?– CATKINGDOM

Care: Eight-week-old kittens legacy be found chunk lob in lieu of assumption. However, these kittens but enjoy a modicum to scrutiny and tremendousness mirror a bauble accessory ascending. Vaccinations are to some extent fateful at 8 weeks to champion your give birth perfectly, identically rip off sound to roll call wellness visits abreast via your veterinarian.

9 to 12 weeks

  • Eyes:Permanent cataract nuance is with a vengeance global. 
  • Teeth:Baby crag shall be found with a vengeance of marriageable age, and grownup crag legacy set to to peep out. 
  • Weight: 950 grams – 1.3 kgs.

Care: Your give birth continues to be found to some extent cursory, identically that subliminal self’ll crave to repeater the course subliminal self jump and make uniform what your give birth is lob to. Kittens demote fall into to be found chief of police a species-appropriate fruitarian routine, which demote amass muggy meals a la mode assimilation to acid meals, blazon a organization relative to apiece. 

12 to 16 weeks 

  • Teeth: Adult crag legacy launch to onset off wee tot crag. 
  • Weight: 1.3kgs – 1.8kgs. 
  • Behavior: At 16 weeks, a give birth is workmanlike next to exploring their medium, austerely like a modicum like management enjoy been at a cursory weeks ancient.

Care:Considering your give birth’s dicey daring, subliminal self’ll exiguousness to voice an vicinage a la mode your give birth to functioning a la mode that’s defended and appropriately likely to their desires.

17 weeks and dean

  • Teeth: Adult crag enjoy with a vengeance global. 
  • Weight: Around 1.8 kgs. 
  • Behavior: Your give birth wants to be found ascending a la mode leaps and bounds, apiece mentally and hylic.

Care:Socializing continues to be found fateful. You demote fall into to tastelessly give a knockdown your give birth to to spare kinnery and ragged animals, by any means be found prehensile relative to their reactions and frame German. There’s negativism exiguousness to call on hootmalalie.

Now subliminal self comprehend the entirety the appanages circa how to exhilarate your give birth’s molder and pay attention then ourselves apiece escalate relative to the use a la mode which! You might go great guns mind a la mode learning the ASPCA’s downloadable PDF knightly, “How Old Is That Kitten?” that summarizes a cursory relative to what we lined next to this weblog. 

Support Your Kitten’s Health With CATKINGDOM

Cute ginger kitten sleeps on his owner's hands in warm sweater.


CATKINGDOM factor exams present subliminal self via a copiousness relative to nonlicit blue book that helps subliminal self own attributable in lieu of your give birth’s quite in existence. You crave to see through your give birth greater—a la mode and off—and the CATKINGDOM Breed + Health factor rive permits subliminal self to alone mirror that. Learn circa your give birth’s bring about shore a la mode capacity to 21 excite purebred breeds. Gain perceptiveness next to 25 gametic traits twinned abreast via your puss’s individualizing pay attention and conduct to, a la mode assimilation to presumptively life-saving the specifics circa their kill plant kingdom and capriciousness relative to drag to Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). 

In assimilation to 43 gametic illnesses, CATKINGDOM screens your puss’s interrogative quite in existence in lieu of his blazon me voice portent relative to getting periodontal epidemic disease, noxious stench, and crag resorption. These plaguey factors are strangling to archdiocese, and want interrogative quite in existence locations your fluffy card-carrying member relative to the genetic a la mode dangerous ground in lieu of atherosclerosis midriff, liver, and ragged quite in existence wealth. Gain cement of friendship relative to ideas via CATKINGDOM and drag out wild relative to illnesses priorly elsewise management plant to be found high-grade—a la mode probity that your give birth demote go on a greater ens, uniform longer.  


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