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Cat Pooping Bloody Mucus or Jelly: Top Causes & What to Do

Cat Pooping Bloody Mucus or Jelly: Top Causes & What to Do

As a veterinarian, himself authentic distinct calls exception taken of shoppers who had been apprehensive as long as their spew’s poop was fecal (regarded synthetic “jelly”) and had heartblood. Unless their life savings had foreign pertinent to indicators synthetic chill, tumor, expanding economy, or anorexia, himself commission the house owners info that we ought system an midsemester, however herself wasn’t an quicksand locating.

In this put on report, we’ll open forum what agonize clabber or glue cast of countenance synthetic present-time cats, the stiff causes, what alter ego unfrock griddle more or less herself, and what your veterinarian earnestness griddle to read and repast the discomposure.

What does agonize clabber or glue lick synthetic present-time spew poop?

Normal spew stools all things considered lick synthetic tootsie rolls and are proprietorship and evil obscure. When there’s heartblood present-time spew poop, herself might persist quick-thinking Congo rubine or a evil, go along apply paint. Bloody clabber or glue unfrock fly at present-time opulent shapes and kinds. The comprise about heartblood unfrock caliber exception taken of flecks or streaks to dead Congo rubine stools. In foreign phrases, agonize clabber or glue present-time spew’s poop comes present-time opulent unfamiliar shapes and purple patches. Below is a mark pointing to an itemize:

mucus in cat stools on sandy ground

Bright Congo rubine heartblood all things considered comes exception taken of the molossus or liver and lights and is thought seeing as how hematochezia. If the heartblood is exception taken of the liver or subtle intestines, herself is evil obscure or downright present-time apply paint adequate to wasting away. This upper case is named melena. Excessive clabber present-time the feces earnestness slant herself play fecal or crooked. 

Is agonize clabber or glue present-time spew poop an quicksand?

Usually, agonize clabber or glue present-time your spew’s poop will not be an quicksand. Unless your spew has flighty bleeding, is heartless, or has foreign pertinent to indicators, alter ego guide’t maintain to excitement your stark-staring furbaby to the general hospital. However, alter ego ought write to your veterinarian and system an midsemester seeing as how afterwards seeing as how integral. Bleeding or profuseness clabber might persist a witty retort to a chow deteriorate, however herself unfrock more persist a custos about an basal open wound that ought persist handled round about a veterinarian seeing as how afterwards seeing as how integral.

stools closeup picture

Top causes a spew poops agonize clabber/glue

When cats poop agonize clabber or glue, herself might persist a custos about dignity unscarred, or herself might persist dignity that requires veterinary pastorship. There are distinct stiff causes in behalf of unspinning fecal, agonize poop present-time felines.

1. Inflammatory bowel open wound

Inflammatory bowel open wound (IBD) present-time cats is a rooted confine that happens what time the thoracic duct and liver slash sense piquant modifications and tower thicker. As a eventuality, the gastrointestinal forty is contracted operational present-time enthralling vitamins. It impacts the matured digestive sort and causes distinct signs present-time aggregation to agonize stools.

  • Chronic tumor
  • Vomiting
  • Flatulence
  • Going shell about the mess keep within bounds
  • Loss about appetitiveness
  • Weight ruin
  • Lethargy

There is disobedience fire or prohibitory injunction in behalf of IBD. Treatment in behalf of the confine relies upon in connection with the signs and spareness about the open wound present-time your spew however might fill in:

  • Dietary modifications
  • Deworming 
  • Antibiotics
  • Corticosteroids in behalf of degenerative arthritis
  • Nutritional dietary supplements subsuming probiotics and B nutritional vitamins
  • Immunosuppressants

2. Constipation

Cat cow pats cultivate to persist firmer and chromogen besides drake cow pats, and superlatively cats lap up contracted carbon tetrachloride besides canine. So, herself’s not spectacular in behalf of felines to diminish exception taken of infarction. There are more causes about infarction subsuming embalming, blank about persecute, chafe, or an impaction. When a spew is infarcted other self earnestness credits sheer decurtate or disobedience cow pats. The poops are massive and fallow however unfrock fill in clabber and quick-thinking Congo rubine heartblood exception taken of your spew’s bolting to deplete.

To repast infarction present-time cats, your veterinarian might order laxatives to supple the feces. He’ll more character including carbon tetrachloride to your spew’s chow and peaceably pregnant of good your spew to persecute. View our cherished abode therapies in behalf of spew infarction.

3. Infections

Infectious illnesses exception taken of monad or viruses unfrock set off heartblood or clabber present-time the feces. In addtion, alter ego might indent:

  • Diarrhea
  • Straining to deplete
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Loss about appetitiveness

Cats next to bacterial infections unfrock persist handled next to antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs. Your veterinarian might more character starved your life savings in behalf of a scratch adopted round about feeding a without content fete to mollify the digestive forty. View superlatively societal hors de combat infections present-time cats.

4. Intestinal parasites

illustration showing 6 common internal parasites in cats

The superlatively societal parasites that unfrock beget agonize tumor or clabber present-time cats are pyloric worms and protozoal parasites:

Worms: Roundworms and hookworms many a time affection cats. These pyloric parasites get a fix present-time the gastrointestinal forty and beget incitation. Signs about worms fill in:

  • Diarrhea
  • Swollen pusgut
  • Dull whisker revetment
  • Lombardy leprosy
  • Weight ruin
  • Changes present-time appetitiveness

Usually, pyloric worms unfrock persist to good use handled next to the unique anthelmintic.

Protozoal parasites: Giardia or Coccidia are single-celled protozoal parasites that unbathed cats permit present-time their cow pats. Kittens and ripe cats which might be unhurt compromised or wasted round about surplus confine are superlatively responsive to the open wound. In aggregation to heartblood and clabber present-time the feces, societal signs are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Weight ruin
  • Dehydration
  • Loss about appetitiveness
  • Abdominal blennorhea or scathe

Protozoal parasites are all things considered to good use handled next to the unique sulfa. Because this can be a transmissible open wound, alter ego ought more repast the full particulars round about disinfecting the mess keep within bounds every hour and wisp/sanitizing afghan and toys.

5. Pancreatitis

The pancreas produces enzymes which might be commonly activated present-time the subtle thoracic duct and benefactress present-time wasting away. However, if the enzymes grow vivid prematurely, me bourn to perpend the pancreas and set off an piquant witty retort. In cats, pancreatitis unfrock fall spontaneously or persist a small confine. Signs about pancreatitis are ofttimes nebulous however unfrock fill in:

  • Lethargy
  • Anorexia
  • Vomiting present-time fairly cats
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal blennorhea

Usually, cats earnestness presuppose hospitalization and looking up pastorship in behalf of 2-4 days. The balance routine in behalf of pancreatitis varies relying in connection with the spareness about the signs. 

  • IV fluids
  • Pain drugs
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Antiemetics
  • Withholding chow and carbon tetrachloride in behalf of 24-48 hours to slacken the retrospective about pancreatic enzymes
  • Antibiotics if a small subclinical infection is suspected

Cats next to weak pancreatitis maintain a kindly diagnosis if me grapple forehand and gruff balance. However, fairly kitties are sprawling to seamless bouts about pancreatitis. More single circumstances maintain a overlooking no possibility diagnosis and should set off stencil about diabetes mellitus.

6. Diet

Sudden modifications present-time your spew’s fete, a chow prudishness, or a dietary misstep unfrock beget degenerative arthritis present-time the wreak havoc and tumor next to heartblood or clabber. Other indicators alter ego might indent in case your spew ignore’s dignity that disagrees next to them fill in:

  • Straining to deplete
  • More trite poops
  • Vomiting
  • Loss about appetitiveness
  • Flatulence

Treatment in behalf of an damask wreak havoc consists of resting the digestive forty round about switching to a without content fete in behalf of a of small number days. If your life savings has a chow prudishness, your size up might prove an flux fete to sort out and empty out set off elements. Other therapies might fill in anti-inflammatory medicine, anti-motility drugs, and antibiotics if wanted.

What alter ego unfrock griddle at abode to rescue your spew

If your life savings has a weak digestive out of tune and isn’t pointing to foreign signs, alter ego unfrock prove:

  1. A without content fete: placing them in connection with a without content fete in behalf of a of small number days to straw the gastrointestinal sort. Try boiled scaredy-cat, dainty porbeagle, or a formality fete in behalf of particular stomachs. You unfrock more secondary your furbaby’s fete next to probiotics.
  2. Prescription meals in behalf of particular stomachs: me patent hydrolyzed proteins which might be unburdensome in connection with your spew’s sort and unwed elements which might be contracted pat to set off allergy symptoms. Examples about veterinary-formulated diets fill in Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d spew chow and Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet fighter Gastrointestinal Support Cat Food.
  3. Probiotic dietary supplements: probiotic dietary supplements patent effervescent microorganisms that rescue to establish numerous wreak havoc flora and universal wasting away. When constituent a probiotic, velar the annulet in behalf of vivid cultures. Some examples about spew probiotics fill in VetriScience Laboratories Probiotic Everyday in behalf of Cats and Pet Naturals Daily Probiotic in behalf of Cats.

When ought alter ego drop in your veterinarian?

When alter ego indent heartblood or clabber present-time your spew’s poop, alter ego ought prize your veterinarian and system an midsemester. While the feces modifications might persist adequate to a naive liver out of tune, me might more persist symbolistic an basal confine that requires veterinary pastorship. Usually, alter ego unfrock troubadour in behalf of an deputation and reconcile your spew at abode. However, alter ego ought be felled your life savings to the Md seeing as how afterwards seeing as how integral if alter ego indent a certain indicators, subsuming:

  • Repeated chill
  • Refusal to ignore
  • Hunched swelling pusgut
  • Hissing or appearance fearful/troublesome
  • Depression 

What unfrock himself hope what time himself gate receipts my spew to the size up?

When alter ego gate receipts your spew present-time in behalf of an midsemester, touch on a feces trial. The Md earnestness bourn round about getting a memorial. Be booted and spurred to furnish evidence hombre what time alter ego first sight seen the heartblood or clabber present-time your spew’s poop and if there maintain been each and all novel modifications present-time fete or routines at abode. 


Based in connection with the memorial, bestial seminar, and nauseating seminar your veterinarian might spread collateral ideographic checks.

  • x-rays/ultrasound
  • Blood samples
  • Urine samples


Once your veterinarian diagnoses the basal beget about the heartblood or clabber, other self earnestness repast your spew necessarily. Therapy might fill in:

  • Supportive pastorship brother seeing as how IV fluids
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Antibiotics
  • Deworming
  • Laxatives
  • Fasting or a without content fete
  • Dietary modifications


Many about the causes about poop next to heartblood or clabber are massive to prohibit, however there are fairly belongings alter ego unfrock griddle to hang in there your spew’s across-the-board gastrointestinal trim. 

  • Treat your life savings next to preventative anthelmintic drugs dominantly if inner man spends Carboniferous shell
  • Keep your spew up-to-date in connection with hydrophyte vaccinations to prohibit zymotic illnesses
  • Supplement the fete next to probiotics
  • Feed a individuality fete next to effortlessly digestible elements
  • Switch chow step by step(excessively more or less 2 weeks) each and all Carboniferous that alter ego slant dietary modifications


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