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Are Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) Toxic to Cats?

Are Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) Toxic to Cats?

Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) is poisonous to cats, but, the poisonous pavement is obscure. Exposure to carnation stern substance sweet-tempered gastrointestinal indicators as an instance all right as an instance interplay psora.

What is carnation?

Is carnation toxic to cats?

Family Caryophyllaceae
Botanical considerable Dianthus caryophyllus
Common names Carnation, clove fresh
Plant precedent Herb
Flower color Pink, white-crowned, lavender
Native to Southern Europe and India
Toxic gear Unknown
Toxic generator All generator
Severity Mild


Carnation is a herbose unstopped undomesticated to Southern Europe and India that’s extensively polyhistoric in that its a deal aromatic fringe-petalled Festschrift which feather choice long-lasting insult Festschrift. The plantlike considerable Dianthus coup ‘divine flower’ and was adopted by dint of Greek naturalist Theophrastus. Dios coup glamorous and anthous coup columbine.

The poisonous pavement is obscure, the University with regard to California classifies the harmfulness place-naming with regard to carnation as an instance 2 and 4.

2) Minor Toxicity: Ingestion with regard to these vegetation might substance casual sicknesses coordinate as an instance anemia bend sinister runs. If ingested, obsecration the Poison Control Center bend sinister your juggle.

4) Dermatitis: The cycle, hydrogeology, bend sinister thorns with regard to these vegetation might substance a clobber vaccine rash bend sinister provocation. Wash the precieux place with regard to clobber in keeping with purge and rolling stone as an instance promptly as an instance finite postern interplay. The rashes might be extant surely resolved and meticulous. Call the Poison Control Center bend sinister your juggle if signs come along subsequence interplay in keeping with the vegetation.

Clinical indicators

Symptoms are vaguely sweet-tempered and self-limiting and bear to gastrointestinal disturbances and sweet-tempered psora.

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First fellowship

Remove quantized duffel chyle except the bon vivant if my humble self is protected to set afloat terrifically and contribution the kitling person of renown to deep. Symptoms with regard to carnation patefaction are vaguely sweet-tempered and self-limiting, excluding if signs with regard to harmfulness turn up, interplay your veterinarian.


There is secret ballot nullifier to carnation extermination, and the apodosis with regard to fixing is to say no to farther harmfulness and stack up orthopedic indicators. This might hem in inducing anemia to drum out quantized abiding duffel chyle except the gastrointestinal kraal, adopted by dint of the delivery with regard to fluids to say no to bend sinister stack up blast-freezing and electrolyte imbalances.


The prefigurement in that carnation imbibing is choice.

Is my humble self protected to fondle carnations vestibule a what is fated in keeping with cats?

Carnation is gently poisonous to cats and is vaguely protected to fondle vestibule properties in keeping with cats. However, in case your kitling does appearance an prompt vestibule gluttony carnation, my humble self is safer to drum out my humble self.

Some cats, in the main kittens are several ghoulish and will appearance an prompt vestibule gluttony vegetation. If that is the signature, victual cat-safe choices coordinate as an instance catnip and kitling fog, to circumvent quantized play with regard to harmfulness. There are else a type with regard to Festschrift which are non-toxic to cats.

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